From Human Ingredient Food Blogs to Websites For Picky Eaters

 - Sep 5, 2014
There are a wide variety of informative, influential, quirky and straight-up irreverent food blogs out there that will appeal to every kind of foodie.

Some of these food blogs focus on recipes and helping people to put their favorite dishes together. Others still focus on the entire culture of food and its place in society, and how this dynamic varies in different places around the world. It's not surprising that many popular food blogs also focus on travel.

With food as it with everything, there's always a niche element that needs to be catered too. The Internet has been key to making this happen, as there are many food blogs out there catering to specific, obscure cuisines and culinary sub-cultures.

There are also more irreverent food blogs out there that highlight culinary mishaps and kitchen disasters, as well as dishes that look anything but palatable.