'Foodsharing.de' Community Exchanges Edibles to Reduce Waste

 - May 7, 2013
References: foodsharing.de & psfk
Annually, 2 billion tons of the uneaten food in the world ends up in the trash; Germany accounts for about 80 kilograms of that waste. In response to these staggering statistics, an online German community was created for people to exchange or give away "edible but unwanted" food through foodsharing.de.

foodsharing.de works to reallocate goods that might otherwise be wasted, having people trade food for food, not money. By de-emphasizing the monetary value of the edible goods, this concept plays up food's innate ability to create community and bring people together.

On the site, users can search for entire "food baskets," or just a single item. Currently, the offerings in Berlin include bread rolls, cloves of garlic, slices of pizza, spices and sweet pastries -- and hopefully they will not go to waste.