TellSpecopedia Links Common Food Ingredients to Health & Wellbeing

 - Aug 27, 2014
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After producing the first food scanner for consumers, TellSpec developed TellSpecopedia, a comprehensive online food database that will tell you exactly what you're eating and how it will impact your health.

The food database covers over 1,300 different ingredients from Abamectin to Zearalenone, as well as a number of other additives, contaminants and manufacturing by-products. These range from the hard-to-pronounce ingredients to the more common ones, which may be familiar, but not as innocent as they seem. For example, high fructose corn syrup is known to disrupt the metabolism and endocrine activity as well as induce poor cardiovascular health. On the flip side, something like hemp oil contributes to the maintenance of good cardiovascular health, as well as healthy skin, joints and bones. As well as being handy to use alongside the TellSpec scanner, there are a number of different categories where you can explore certain issues such as food and its effects on reproductive organs, genetics, the metabolism and cognitive behavior.