The Anti Duckface Website Wants to Stop Pouting Puckers

 - Nov 10, 2009   Updated: Jul 21 2011
References: antiduckface & buzzfeed
Powered by “Tumblr, a few jerks in Los Angeles, and lots of booze,” the Anti-Duckface website is a photo site dedicated to eradicating that weird 'duckface' that so many people do in photos.

The Anti-Duckface website regularly posts photos of (usually) women who are attempting to fake supermodel cheekbones and fuller lips, but instead of looking good, they end up making some weird looking duckface which they then post on the Internet.

Implications - As unfortunate as this Tumblr site is for the subjects in the images, it's definitely a hilarious spot to stumble across for those who need a good laugh. It will make you realize just how goofy you and your friends look when you're being photographed, and will perhaps inspire you to adopt some new expressions.