From Fashionista Smurfs to Risque Obama Cartoons

 - Aug 1, 2013
From Smurf-ified fashionistas to borderline inappropriate Obama cartoons, these celebrity caricatures by aleXsandro Palombo are eccentric to say the least. It's clear that this Italian artist is unafraid to express the extreme, creating consistently satirical and not-so-glamorous illustrations of famed faces. These drawings are simple yet strikingly detailed. The illustrations are bold and funny.

Palombo's illustration of President Obama and Anna Wintour is probably the most risque. For one, the fact that the President isn't wearing any pants is striking enough. But to add to the peculiarity, enter Anna Wintour with a derriere-revealing strapless black dress and garters. The pictures also imaginatively envision the two renowned figures interacting in a suggestive -- or outwardly steamy -- way.