The AleXsandro Palombo Donald Trump Sketch Features Mega Mogul Updos

 - May 16, 2011
References: alexsandropalombo & refinery29
Donald Trump has one of the most recognizable and easily mocked hairdos around; if you don't believe me, one glance at the AleXsandro Palombo Donald Trump sketch might just have you changing your mind.

European artist AleXsandro Palombo has come out with some of the most clever and hysterical celebrity sketches around. They include the likes of Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour on the toilet and designer Karl Lagerfeld pregnant.

Popular website Refinery 29 had this to say about the AleXsandro Palombo Donald Trump sketch: "Palombo has focused on the real estate mogul's fluffy, fluorescent hair (if that's what it really is), parting the great blonde sea and adding a swirling mass of skyscrapers and ravenous great white sharks. We're sure there's a deeper meaning here, but we'll leave the symbology up to you. We're still trying to figure out just how we can apply his hair tips to our summer dos."