Lesbians Who Look like Conan O'Brien Highlights Androgynous Redheads

'Lesbians Who Look Like Conan O'Brien' is a new Tumblr blog dedicated to androgynous redheads of the world who bear a striking resemblance to one of America's favorite carrot-tops, Conan O'Brien.

One important thing you need to know about 'Lesbians Who Look Like Conan O'Brien' blog is that not all of the women are lesbians. Many are actually straight, while some just happen to be wearing collared shirts or have really short haircuts. Whereas most people would cry foul, I am crying fun. Figuring out who is a lesbian and who isn't gives this blog an added layer of hilarity not found in the Beiber-inspired blog. Show your love for Team Coco by checking out the LWLLCOB (next level acronym) photo blog.