- May 27, 2011
As much as art is subjective for most people, few forms of art are more memorable than those that fall under the surrealist art category. Surrealist art is usually an amalgamation of countless different art tropes and usually reflects an artist’s active and multifarious mind-process, combining fantasy, dreams and various elements of danger in one painting or drawing.

Other than the emergence of pop art, surrealist art is considered to be the most important development in 20th Century contemporary art. The effects of surrealist art extend far beyond the art world, affecting literature, music, philosophy and film. Surrealist art has granted a lot of artists, writers, and directors with the leeway to explore the deepest depths of their imagination. In this collection of some of our favorite examples of surrealist art, we casually move from easy-going California cool surrealism to the nightmarish qualities of dream-like surrealism, which features bears mauling errant swimmers and world leaders who transform into monsters.

From Trippy Drippy Art to Manga Graffiti Paintings: