These Sebasebi Designs Explore Creative Angles of the Universe

 - Mar 20, 2011
References: sebasebi.deviantart
Digital art has the power to do anything; Sebasebi takes full advantage of this and produces a series of illustrations portraying the universe as a riveting, awe-inspiring and daringly artistic playground.

From drawings of macabre and horror to surreal and fantasy digital photo manipulation, these Sebasebi designs delve in the philosophical side of design. He showcases an awe-inspiring universe while mixing it with concepts like ‘Snooker God’ and ‘Make your own Universe.’ With winning t-shirt design work featured by companies such as and Designs By Humans, Sebasebi makes you ponder and wonder the fundamental questions of life.

Sebasebi’s digital art sends a message of conscious awareness and cosmic awe to add deep meaning and a conceptual experience for the viewer. It’s awe-inspiringly marvelous.