Seacreative Shows Other Graffiti Artists How It's Done

 - May 21, 2011
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This collection of street murals by Italian graffiti artist Seacreative is making passersby do double-takes as they raise eyebrows and stare at the utter zaniness of each piece.

Many of these Seacreative wall paintings feature characters with oblong heads. The paintings are often punctuated by the surreal activities in which these cartoons participate. Seriously, is that one man vomiting and drowning himself in oil?

Several of Seacreative's pieces also show characters wearing balaclavas, perhaps a reference to his favorite clothing accessory or his graffiti disguise of choice. Pyramids are also a popular theme in these Seacreative paintings, and I can't help but feel like these are just clues hinting at a singular message Seacreative is trying to convey.

You can find more of these surreal and thought-provoking wall pieces over on the Unurth Street Art website.