From Female-Only Sneaker Shops to Bike Factory Cafes

 - Jun 23, 2015
These sports retail innovations range from female-only sneaker shops to bike factory cafes that make one's shopping experience more worthwhile and memorable. The rising popularity of communal fitness establishments -- female-only sneaker shops, branded running clubs and workout cafes -- has lead athletic retailers to market to their fans in a more social way.

Whether opening floating gyms, sneaker pop-ups or hosting their very own women's 15K race, sportswear giant Nike knows how to appeal to millennials. The brand has established a communal connection with target consumers and proves that social events are likely to entice this elusive demographic.

Other standouts include niche dual-purpose businesses like cycling-focused retail shops that feature built-in bars or cafes. These businesses connect individuals with similar interests and are a great way for urban dwellers to network and meet like-minded friends.