From Luxury Eco Knapsacks to Solar Panel Necklaces

 - Oct 19, 2011
Solar-powered products are at an all-time high as brands the world over scramble to create products that offer eco-friendly functionality. Among the plethora of solar-powered innovations available are those you can actually wear, including clothing, watches, jewelry, bags and more.

While solar panels and other solarized gadgets increase in popularity, consumers are also looking for ways they can conserve energy while out and about, as well as ways to create energy in an eco-friendly fashion. Wearable solar-powered products help consumers achieve this. These items include everything from solar-powered outerwear to laptop bags -- there are even sunglasses, swimsuits and contact lenses that operate via solar power!

If you're looking for new ways to live a greener lifestyle, use this collection of wearable solar-powered products to inspire you.