The Stick It Bag Seeks the Sun's Rays in Separate Pieces

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: coroflot & earthtechling
The Stick It Bag by Jamie Yeo is far from the first satchel to incorporate solar panels onto its outer face, but this particular invention proposes a remarkably unique way to catch the sun's rays. Instead of relying on the carrier to expose it to ample light outside during the day, this concept incorporates removable solar cell tiles that can be stuck directly to the window pane.

This cutting-edge idea means that you no longer have to abandon your briefcase to bake on the front porch or spend unnecessary hours sitting in the direct sun. The adhesive squares turn bright yellow once they've absorbed their capacity of energy, and when applied back to the Stick It Bag, they can help to charge your cellphone, laptop and a range of other gadgets.