The Motivaional Moody Workout T-Shirt Will Get You Off Your Couch

 - Mar 17, 2011
References: instructables & ubergizmo
If you're tired of beefy trainers yelling in your ear and sick of Richard Simmons workout videos, this Motivational Moody Workout T-Shirt may provide you with an interesting coaching alternative while you're working out.

The Motivational Moody Workout T-Shirt is a piece of DIY apparel that's supposed to persuade you to get off your Cheetos/pizza-filled couch and go for a run. The tee has solar-powered LED lights that will project a face once you're outside and ready to run. If you're not running, a sad face is projected, but once you start running, that frown will turn upside down. It only works during the daytime, but at least it's a start. If you want to keep your shirt happy, then run like Forrest Gump and keep your tee in an uplifted mood.

To learn how to make your very own Motivational Moody Workout T-Shirt, check out the link for instructions.