The Andrew Schneider Solar-Powered Bikini Charges Gadgets While You Tan

 - Jun 6, 2011
References: metro
Remember how annoying it is when you're lying on the beach listening to music and all of a sudden your iPod runs out of batteries? With the Andrew Schneider solar-powered bikini -- those days are over.

"I use 40 individual paper-thin flexible, photo-voltaic panels for each bikini. I sew them together over a normal bikini using soft-conductive thread," Schneider explains, carrying on to say that that it takes him around 80 hours to sew the panels. Every swimsuit costs as much as your average designer bikini, $200.

The innovative bikini allows its owner to connect any modern gadget via the USB ports sewn into the fabric, so long as they are under the sun. And as far as getting in the water is concerned; as long as the wearer unplugs the USB ports and ensures the swimsuit is dry before plugging in another gadget, there is no risk.

Although to date, Schneider has only designed his practical yet fashionable swimwear for women, he is working on his men's line which will be available soon.