From Eco-Savvy Swimwear to Shark Bite Swimsuits

 - Feb 20, 2014
It's almost that time again to go hunting for the perfect swimsuit, and these abstract pieces of animal-inspire swimwear are too fly to pass up.

Roaring with utter chicness and quirky detail, these stunning swimsuits add a little more animalistic fun to any swimming adventure. Dive into your backyard pool wearing a glamorous gray swimsuit featuring ghastly shark teeth for a look that's dangerously chic. Cat meme printed swimsuits make for a more dynamic fashion sense that is sure to grab all the attention at your local beach while you lounge and tan. These decadent pieces of swimwear range from outlandish and incredible to sexy and stylish.

Summer may be months away, but these ravishing animal-inspired swimsuits definitely bring the heat.