The Patriot Solar Golf Bag Juices Up Devices on the Green

 - Jul 11, 2011
References: store.patriotsolargroup & earthtechling
Golfers with gadgets whose batteries are rapidly draining while on the green, don't fret: the Patriot Solar Golf Bag will boost some energy while you enjoy the game.

Why would anyone need a Patriot Solar Golf Bag? Well, it's created for those who like to have their gadgets on them at all times. The carrier has built-in solar panels that help charge gadgets through the power of the sun. There are also charging tips that can connect to your mobiles. As expected, the charge time does depend on how much sunlight you get, but on average, you can expect about a four- to six-hour charge.

Next time you hit the greens, pack the Patriot Solar Golf Bag with you and you'll never have to deal with a dying mobile.