Inspired by the PGA Championship 2013 and the Great Game of Golf

 - Aug 9, 2013
With the PGA Championship 2013 about a quarter of the way through, the final and most important major of the season is beginning to heat up. Along with the amazing shots and wonderful performances, it's always interesting to see the new sumptuous associations that the sophisticated sport garners.

Golf has always been considered a refined sport that many of the high-powered elite of the world take part in. With so many powerful figures playing the great game, it's only natural that luxury versions of golf innovations would find a way into the affluent sport. From 'Formula One' golf clubs to $20,000 golf carts, there is a growing amount of luxury golf innovations. While you won't see many of them at the PGA Championship, there's a good chance many of the prosperous winners own a few of these extravagant products.