The Pennwick F5 Costs $20,500 and is Customized Cool

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: pennwick & dvice
Golf carts are usually pretty generic creations and rarely feature memorable attributes, but the Pennwick F5 seeks to drastically alter those perceptions.

The Pennwick F5 is modeled after an unnamed Italian sports car company (my guess is that it rhymes with Gerrari and starts with an F) and is built with a race car aesthetic in mind. The little red terror is equipped with a heavy duty fibreglass body and 48 Volt charging system. It maxes out at 20 MPH, but this is not a vehicle made for speed. This is the ultimate in luxury cruising vehicles, the kind of thing you want to ride around in slowly so all your friends, enemies, and strangers alike can stare in unfettered awe.

Predictably, the Pennwick F5 doesn’t come cheap. The asking price is $20,500 and while that puts it out of the price range of most casual golfers, that is a modest enough sum to entice business magnates, athletes and entertainers to splurge on the Pennwick F5.

Don’t be surprised to see this stylish cart on a golf course near you. And please, don’t hesitate to snap pictures.