- Aug 9, 2013
Considering that golf is such a prestigious and well-respected sport steeped in tradition, it would be extremely rare to find any of these strange golf products on the 2013 PGA Tour.

Since there are very strict rules on one's attire and behavior on the green, it would be an extremely rare sight to see a golfer sporting something as outrageous as a lobster-shaped caddy or a visor with a built-in toupee. However, these products are on the market and lightening up the mood of this very serious sport. The inclusion of pop culture references with golfing products seems unheard of, but there are golf accessories shaped like Yoda or scandalous golf balls that make reference to Tiger Woods' mistresses.

For those who are not so athletic, there are golf-inspired products like wine racks and weed whackers that turn non-golfers into pros.

From Offensive Golf Ball Sacks to Visor Toupees: