From Golf-Improving Gadgets to Pimped Out Golfing Pods

 - May 22, 2013
Gifts for golfer dads are limitless, so if your father is an avid golfer, Father’s Day shopping will be a breeze. But if you’re still looking, this list will give you ideas a bit more creative than usual.

Start off by looking into anything that will enhance his golfing experience. Tech-based golf-improving gadgets would make impressive gifts. The Casio EX-FS10 is a swing-analyzing digital camera that monitors and analyzes golf swings on screen. There are also swing-monitoring devices you can attach onto golf clubs. GPS golf watches would also come in handy on the field.

Aside from actual golf gadgets, anything else that even remotely resembles the sport will make for a sentimental gift. Golf-inspired alarm clocks, at-home games or even cups would be nice, so long as you show an understanding of your dad’s passion.