The 'Sakku.Traveller' is Fashionable and Fully-Loaded

 - Sep 3, 2010
This isn't the first solar bag on the market, but the 'Sakku.Traveller' is worthy of note. A practical unisex side-bag, this tote will fit your computer and books, so it's perfect for students who are constantly on the move.

The solar panels are fixed to the front flap of the bag and are optimally exposed to the sun's rays whether the wearer is on foot or a bicycle. The best part about the 'Sakku.Traveller' is that it can acquire and store energy while you're in transit and can muster enough power to breathe life back into your electronics on the go. Its creator Sakku has gone even further to make the bag eco-conscious by assembling it with recycled boat sales.