- Oct 7, 2011
If there's one thing marketers are recognizing these days, it's the importance of interactive, engaging campaigns. One of the most effective ways to achieve interactivity and engagement is through the use of social media-based contests.

Using Facebook and Twitter to capture an audience is definitely the goal of marketers today, but many are going one step further with social media-based contests that really get customers excited. Whether it's a challenge to create a new drink flavor or a competition on who is the best kisser, these social network challenges invite users to visit a brand's Facebook page or Twitter account to take part. This results in increased engagement as well authentic message-spreading as users share their own contest submissions or other submissions they like with their online friends.

So, if you're a marketer looking for a new way to spark interest in your brand, perhaps it's time to consider social media-based contests.

From Drink-Creating Challenges to Twitterific Cash Scholarships: