- Sep 29, 2018
These September 2018 tech innovations range from virtual self care apps to health-tracking jewelry pieces. While #SelfCare is a mobile app that helps users focus on their mental health and take time to relax in our busy world, the OCGEM Activity Tracker is a smart health monitor that is disguised as an elegant bracelet.

Other September 2018 tech standouts include the 'MORNI' Egg-Shaped Alarm clock which boasts an aesthetically pleasing design and built-in LED lighting. Additionally, the MyLite Nightlight replaces traditional plug-in bulbs with a convenient hand-worn design that makes getting around one's home in the dark a more comforting experience.

Autonomous digital guitars, smart urban gardens and intelligent bed climate controllers round off this list and speak to consumers' growing desire for classic lifestyle accessories that are enhanced with intuitive tech elements.

From Virtual Self Care Apps to Health-Tracking Jewelry Pieces: