From DIY Savory Gumbo Cupcakes to Sweet Seafood Snacks

 - Nov 7, 2013
These inventive seafood dishes will definitely capture the attention of any food enthusiast looking to satisfy their craving for something deliciously unique from the sea.

When it comes to different kinds of seafood, such as shrimps, lobster and fish, it is most often treated as a delicacy because of how expensive and difficult it can be to catch these items. And while most seafood items are most commonly boiled, stir-fried or baked, these inventive recipes are showcasing how ordinary pieces of seafood can be utilized in all sorts of other recipes and dishes. From Japanese dish desserts that infuse sashimi into a cake design to fried seafood snacks and gourmet lobster rolls, these creative seafood dishes will definitely have foodies craving a bite of every single dish.