These Edible QR Codes for Sushi are Ethical and Fun

If you're a sushi lover and an environmentalist, you're going to love these edible QR codes for sushi. Served out of Harney Sushi in San Diego, this fantastic invention is eco-friendly and educational. The purpose of the QR codes is so that customers can take out their smartphones, scan the QR code, and learn about the sustainability of whichever fish dish they are eating from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) FishWatch website.

The edible QR codes for sushi are both a fun addition to any dish and also a great opportunity to spread awareness about over-fishing and the sustainability of certain types of fish. The chef at Harney, chef Ruiz explains the impact of their program: "Our oceanside location has a maximum occupancy of 260 people, and on a Friday, we’ll turn the restaurant over three times, so we have more than a thousand people walk through the doors. Imagine if you take that weekly, we reach a lot of people."