From Blinged-Out iPad Covers to Crystallized Manicures and Bras

 - Nov 15, 2011
If you love adding a bit of shine and bling to your everyday items, then you'll love this gallery of rhinestone innovations. Who doesn't love a little bit of sparkle every now and then, right?

From iPad covers covered in bling to blinding shoes and even bedding, people seem to love getting their creative juices flowing when it comes to the types of things rhinestones are added to. No longer just part of arts and crafts and children's birthday parties, this gallery of rhinestone demonstrates the versatility of the fun sparklers.

While Michael Jackson may have brought them into the mainstream with his single white rhinestone-adorned glove in the 80s, rhinestones are now a fun way to jazz up any old item you have laying around. Next up on my to-do list: rhinestone manicures.