Gothfox Gets Playful With Young Women's Awareness

While the pink ribbon is recognized as the traditional emblem of breast cancer awareness, there is nothing traditional about these couture breast cancer nipple pasties. The pink ribbons lined with glittering rhinestones speak to an audience who wants awareness to be less conservative and more playful. 

Despite popular conception, it is not only older women who suffer from breast cancer; young women are also at risk of this horrible disease.  A charitable foundation called Re-Think Breast Cancer focuses on the importance of spreading awareness to young women of the dangers of breast cancer at all ages; the National Breast Cancer Foundation also does its part to spread awareness. Best of all, the proceeds of the breast cancer pasties go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

These couture breast cancer nipple pasties are the perfect emblem for younger women who are becoming more conscious about issues pertaining to breast cancer. They are also perfect for a little fun!

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