From Charity Cookware to Bold Busty Bread

 - Feb 2, 2012
These radiant examples of Think Pink rebranding demonstrate the legions of consumers and companies that have banned together to fight breast cancer. Since many have been affected by the adverse effects of the disease, there are virtually thousands of breast cancer awareness initiatives cropping up everywhere. Think Pink campaigns can be found on grocery store shelves, in the isles of your favorite sporting good stores, and even laced securely on your feet.

This effort to swathe consumer products in a blushing pink shade is so intoxicating because it is interactive. The brand gets the happy reputation of being a charitable and caring organization, while the consumer gets to show their support by purchasing the product. There is good karma for the participants at both ends of the sales transaction.

From titillating bread packaging to pink Bentley's, these examples of Think Pink rebranding are wonderfully clever and inspiring.