- Oct 3, 2009   Updated: May 2 2011
It's a scary, unpredictable world for marketers these days and sometimes companies don't realize they've engaged in some problematic branding techniques. Other times, well, let's just say they know exactly what they're doingâ€"and it gets results.

At any rate, here are some of the most offensive, silly, awkward, and problematic branding techniques, from inappropriate dessert branding to offensive stuffed animals.

Implications - When a brand creates ultimate shock with an advertisement or product, it gains much more attention from the consumer world. When people are shocked about something they often tell others and that is how the ad or product manages to go viral. Going viral for good or bad reasons still gets the business a huge amount of attention. Like the saying goes, "any publicity is good publicity."

Problematic Brand Strategies, from Offensive Gum to Religious Co-Branding: