Fat Pig Chocolate

 - Apr 30, 2008
References: fatpigchocolate & behancemag
You want to lose weight, but every time a piece of chocolate comes your way, you just can't seem to resist temptation, am I right? The Brooklyn Brothers are offering you a new approach, but be warned, although it might work, it's a little bit nasty, and if you're easily offended, I wouldn't suggest it.

Packaged in pretty pink foil, the Fat Pig Chocolate looks beautifully presented, with a cute pig nose on the front... until read the inscription.

"Get your snout in this. Shove every single square in your face right now. And do it quick. Or some other fat pig might ask you for a piece. Oink, oink!"

Oinkganic milk chocolate... now there's a mother's day gift she's sure to remember!