Mega Logo Blunders

 - Sep 23, 2008
References: funnymos
These logos found on pharmacies, dental clinics, pediatric clinics and more beg one to ask, "What were they thinking?"

Using ballooned-up stick figures in advertising has been done for a long time; in fact, it is how we know which bathroom to enter at restaurants, theaters and other public places.  However, using a child-like figure with its head close to the groin area of an adult-like one arching its back is not such a good idea. 

Maybe sex is just too much on our brains and, therefore, we are prone to 'seeing' sex in everything, even if it isn’t there.  Using the pediatric sign as an example, obviously it is an adult comforting a child, because we are so aware of child molestation, the image comes off as a bit disturbing. 

However, some of the other ones are quite humorous.