- Jun 5, 2008
References: etsy & craftershock
These are not your typical cutesy felt bunnies for children. These are shocking, uncensored creations by SpiderCamp who wishes to "personally celebrate my right as a grownup to use all sorts of words. If this idea sets you on fire and you would like to tell me how my using the word 'bitchcakes' or whatever made you cry yourself to sleep, go for it! " So there.

In her Etsy shop, there are weird, lopsided button-eyed bunnies with words sewn on their bellies. Yes, some of these words are swear words. But there is also a category called bunnies with diseases which includes the plague and PMS ones shown here. There are also cheeky bunnies like "Big Butts". Spidercamp is definitely an artisan who makes a strong social statement.