Strapya's Hip-Shaking Product Description Misses the Mark

 - Dec 13, 2008
References: strapya-world & urlesque
Takara Tomy Baby Robots are adorable, fun and innocent toys for children. However, Strapya’s introductory product description of the crawling, dancing baby robots, "Love Sexy Shaking Hips of Blonde Gals?? You might be old-fashion, now the hips are for the BABYs! Toddling Hip Shaking Robots!" was carelessly worded to say the least.

I’m sure Strapya is not marketing the Takara Tomy Baby Robots specifically to sexual predators, but their product description is an example of how careless some Internet stores can be in their choice of words. They very well could have written something along the lines of: "Adorable, dancing, crawlers! Takara Tomy Baby Robots mimic real babies!"

If I, as a parent, went into the children’s department of a store and was met with such a product description, I’d march right up to the manager and make a complaint.

Although I have utter distaste for the product description given by Strapya of Takara Tomy Baby Robots, I don’t hold the toys themselves in such contempt. 

Takara Tomy Baby Robots would make a great Christmas or anytime gift. I love how the Takara Tomy company used jazzy and catchy music to accompany the dancing Baby Robots in their video ad--absolutely precious!