From Eerie Infant Sculptures to Creepy Newborn Dolls

 - Sep 15, 2011
Watch in amazement as some of the most innocent creatures on the planet are eerily transformed into terrors with these monstrous baby manipulations. These soother-sucking toddlers are turned into blood-hungry babies, so be prepared for apocalyptic newborn nightmares that will forever haunt your dreams.

If you think zombie babies are scary, feast your eyes on 13ft-tall baby sculptures that tower over onlookers like a monstrous Godzilla, ready to wreak havoc and swat planes from the sky. Pair up this giant baby with a bedeviled baby with red demon eyes and you will never look at babies the same way again.

With an array of distortions ranging from bearded babies to booty-shaking toddlers, this compilation of monstrous baby manipulations takes the sweetness and innocence of babies away, putting even Chucky to shame.