Osaka University's AFFETTO is a Caregiver's Teaching Tool

 - Feb 9, 2011   Updated: Aug 3 2011
References: & technabob
Osaka University in Japan has come up with a new technical advancement in the field of robotics. The students and staff have developed a robotic baby head that models a baby's facial expressions.

Osaka University created the AFFETTO project to be used and loved by human caregivers. At first look a robotic baby head doesn't exactly seem that all that cute, but rather eerie. It is a forward advancement in robotics, however.

Implications - Technological advancements are seemingly never-ending and are becoming more impressive than ever. With lifelike robots that not only look and act like humans, but also mimic human facial expressions, robotic figures are no longer something to fear, but can even be appealing in their appearance, moving away from the cold, intimidating stigma typically associated with technology. By making a product more "lifelike," businesses can pique consumer interest.