Eerie Spinning Head Possessed Baby with Evil LED Eyes

 - Aug 24, 2009   Updated: Jul 4 2011
References: thingsyouneverknew
This possessed baby with evil red light-up LED eyes is one of the creepiest looking things I have ever seen, and I'm sure it's even creepier in action!

When someone walks by this bedeviled baby, the motion-activated head spins around, its evil-looking LED eyes light up and it makes eerie noises.

I suspect this would be ideal for positioning by your doorstep to freak out candy-seeking kids this Halloween.

Implications - The combination of cute and gruesome continues to be an interesting and eye-catching way for product designs to remain memorable. Adult audiences appreciate the gruesome nature of products like these bedeveiled babies, as well as the reference to babies being devils. Children can be considered troublesome to many adults and thus this is a witty product.