Examples of When Barbie Behaves Badly and Teddy is Naughty

 - Dec 23, 2010   Updated: Apr 13 2011
Perverse playthings are increasing alarmingly quickly in the world of art, advertising and fashion. From twisted Barbie pictorials to perverse PSAs, it looks like toys aren't just for kids anymore.

Check out some examples in the featured gallery, but remember, perverse playthings are not (by any means) for kids.

Implications - Consumers looking to add a bit of sly humor to their lives definitely can appreciate products and artwork that deviate from the expected and the mundane. Innovations like these afford people the chance to get a chuckle from the unexpected, but also demonstrate how twisting the context of traditionally naiive creatures can create lasting images, impressions and memories. Advertisers should definitely take note of this advantage.