From Dancing Inmates to Prison Pageants

 - Aug 11, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
There seems to be a ton of things going on in and outside of jails that both glamorize (through fashion) and humanize inmates. This cluster is dedicated to all the prison innovations, including inmate fashion and luxury jailhouses.

Implications - I'm not saying going to prison is fun, but one can't help but notice how the place has become, well, humanized in a strange way. With dance numbers among inmates, luxuriously designed facilities and fashions inspired by the place, correctional facilities are now seen in a fairly positive light. The darker side of things is often the most intriguing and if it can be lightened up in a well-executed manner, it becomes attractive. People get bored with the typical generic stuff so perhaps adding a sense of danger is necessary when it comes to marketing and innovation.