Dancing Inmates, Luxury Prisons and Paris Hilton Jail Couture

 - Jan 13, 2009
References: trendhunter
Dancing inmates, luxury prisons and Paris Hilton in jail couture?  Today we hunt: Inmate Innovation.

10. Earlier we featured a jail-themed restaurant in Tokyo.  If you can’t make it to Japan, you can recreate prison in your own home with a prison food tray.

9. Recycled prison couture.  These stylish threads are actually made out of old jail shirts from the LA county jail.

8. Inmate glamorization.  Just like Paris Hilton, Kiefer Sutherland became more famous after spending 7 week behind bars.  Following prison, he appeared on the cover of Men’s Vogue.

7. In South Carolina, you can donate organs in exchange for shorter prison stays. Now that’s bargaining that takes real guts!

6. Hopefully you never end up in Egyptian Jail.  But if you do, prisoner James Buck helped introduce Twitter.  @Sixty: Prison sucks.  @Bianca: I still haven’t dropped the soap.  @Ayman: I’m starting to hate twitter.

5. Outsource YOUR work to prisoners! Puey Quinones hired 30 inmates in Manila to turn her fashion sketches into reality.

4. Freaky prisoner of war fashions.  Perfect if you have a twisted fantasy about life in jail. Not surprisingly, torture couture come straight from the twisted sketchbook of John Galliano.

3. Don’t like your cell? An Orange Country prison will let you upgrade for between $75 and $127 a day. The jail refers to inmates as ‘clients’ and has mobile phones, laptop capabilities, iPods and hot meals.

2. No one makes prison look ‘hot’ like Paris Hilton. Now you can emulate the law-breaking heiress with your own "princess in prison" outfit.

1. An wealth Australian ex-prisoner got so attached to his jailbird memories, he actually bought his old jail cell. He plans to redevelop it into a wine block which will house $50 million in rare wines. When I grow up, I want to buy my jail cell too.