From Seductively Geeky Swimwear to Wedding Treats for Geeks

 - Nov 13, 2011
It's hard to deny the fun and addictive nature of the pellet-eating arcade game, and these playful PacMan features illustrate just how inventive the open-mouthed classic arcade character can be.

PacMan doesn't just limit himself to staying inside a game; he spreads his love around to let everyone enjoy a piece of him. With everything from sexy swimsuits to whimsical furniture, these playful PacMan features capture the fascination that everyone still has for the simple arcade hero.

Check out these playful PacMan features to see how he's stacking up in the big leagues.

Implications - Adults in modern society are looking to relive an aspect of their childhoods through their purchases. Companies could integrate function with nostalgia in order to increase their sales.