The Tomas Ekstrom 365 Chair is a Comfy Calendar Creation

 - May 27, 2011
Although this product isn't in production just yet, the Tomas Ekstrom 365 chair is certainly a clever concept. The Tomas Ekstrom 365 chair is a multi-functional furniture idea that the designer dreamt up by combining both a calendar and a chair. This Pacman-esque piece is made out of 365 flaps which each state the month and day of that year. All of these flaps rotate around a central pivot which holds the chair together. As each day ends, that flap can be pushed down from the back of seat, transforming into the seat of the chair. This process continues, and each day your chair shifts to reveal the date.

The eye-catching Tomas Ekstrom 365 chair would be ideal in bustling business offices or schools.