- Apr 10, 2011
Since the peak of Old Hollywood, burlesque girls have been idolized as sexual icons and served as pin-up inspirations for today's pop culture.

Pin-ups are historically among the more sensual female roles in society, as pin-up art was the ultimate form of flattery. These pin-up inspirations show just how much impact this iconic role has had. Brands use this sensual imagery to channel the vintage era and glamorous nostalgia. Fashion designers have also interpreted the pin-up aesthetic by releasing retro lingerie collections that include corset tops and garter belts.

From voluptuous vintage photo shoots to hot zombie pin-ups, these pop culture interpretations of pin-up glamour are just as intriguing as the idea of a retro burlesque dancer.

From Lusty Librarian Pin-Ups to Fairytale Heroine Pin-Ups: