Precariously-Posed Pets

 - Nov 22, 2008   Updated: Apr 19 2011
References: strangezoo
All of these pictures look like the animals are conscious of showing it all, from the hedgehog spreading its tiny legs to the cocky frog and the reclining chameleon. All they need is a tiny stage and a stripper pole!

Image credits:

DJ Koalabee|Pongboy|Cranium|NOPC|Krlic

Implications - Most Internet memes consist of animals doing funny, cute, unconventional things. These animal pin-ups are a perfect example of this, and may be fascinating to consumers because of their utter absurdity combined with an element of cuteness. Companies like Telus have recognized the power of the personified animal, and are thus using it in successful ad campaigns that could serve as an example for other companies.