- Oct 26, 2008
Sometimes a product doesn’t quite live up to its hype, like the iPhone 3G; other times, it’s a person who disappoints, like the UFC’s Anderson Silva. It’s the job of a public relations and marketing department to build buzz, but when the product or person doesn’t live up to its gilded reputation, its audience impact is infinitely worse.

In last night’s UFC middleweight championship, Anderson Silva seemed more content to please and engage the crowd than to fight his opponent Patrick Cote. Cote threw an odd punch, and in doing so sustained a knee injury that ended the fight and gave Anderson Silva the win--a completely anticlimactic waste of time.

The products and people below are every bit as disappointing as Anderson Silva was last night in some way. Some of these stories aren’t the least bit historically relevant--after all, who really cares that Lindsay Lohan converted to Judaism? However, some of these Herculean marketing efforts were worth their expense.

From Anderson Silva to the iPhone: