Hayden Panettiere Fails to Recruit Young Voters

 - Sep 27, 2008
References: ukpress.google
Hayden Panetteriere professed her love for the environment over politics this week at the Hollywood Declare Yourself party.

The event was designed to engage young adults to vote, and Hayden Panetteriere, the 19 year old actress, was supposed to play host... but she snubbed the opportunity not saying more than "I'm a democrat" on her way in.

Later, The Heroes star said, "I never leave the TV on. Every time I leave the house I put the heat up so the air con won't go on, because why are you cooling your house when you're not there?" Hayden Panettiere asked.

"It's completely unnecessary and it's such a waste. I was raised recycling, I always recycle."

And that was that. Engaging younger demographics to vote? I'd say Hayden Panettiere's effort were pretty weak.

Here are a few more campaigns to engage youth: