From Data-Designed Activewear to Virtual Cycling Races

 - Oct 28, 2017
For many, October is one of the most exciting months in the entirety of the sporting year, and the October 2017 sports trends reflect that excitement. October not only holds the MLB playoffs (unarguably the most exciting playoffs of any professional sport), but it also marks the beginnings of the NHL season and the NBA season, and by October both the NFL and Champions League soccer are in full swing.

With so many sports at hand, many of the October 2017 sports trends are thus focused on improving one's skills. One such example of a training product is the Swivel Vision athletic training goggles, which narrow one's field of vision to cut out the peripherals and thus force athletes to focus on the task at hand when training. Though a massive portion of most athletics involves taking on peripheral cues, the goggles are reported to help somehow.