- Oct 29, 2017
The gaming world is unlike any other in the field of technology, with a fandom so intense that it's spawned an entire professional industry in and of itself, and the October 2017 gaming trends show that the industry isn't slowing down any time soon. Both serious gamers and casual gamers alike have new products that have been designed for them, showing the broad appeal of the industry as a whole.

As mentioned above, serious gamers can now dream of making big bucks as pros, with professional circuits revolving around many different genres and titles. One of the most popular genres for pro gamers is the first-person shooter, or FPS. Any pro in a traditional sport wouldn't think about competing without first spending time training, and Aim Lab is a new gaming system that helps gamers to do just that. It was designed by neuroscientists to help players improve by assessing their performance biases with AI.

From FPS Training Platforms to In-Bed Gaming Events: