Sea Hero Quest is a Virtual Reality Game App For Fighting Dementia

 - Sep 8, 2017
References: seaheroquest & springwise
This VR video game for fighting dementia tracks early symptoms of the disease. Sea Hero Quest equates two minutes of playing to five hours of lab research relating to Alzheimer's Disease.

The free mobile game launched a year ago, but a virtual reality version was released recently. Developed collaboratively by Alzheimer's Research UK, Deutsche Telekom and scientists from both University College of London and University of East Anglia, Sea Hero Quest was designed "to help researchers understand in detail how brains navigate space, forming a huge, crowdsourced database on human spatial navigation." The VR version is able to track subtle movements in greater detail, offering added insight.

The gaming app for fighting dementia is an example of how video games and VR can help cure disease and contribute research.