From Dog-Tracking Collars to Wireless Fingerprint Systems

 - Oct 29, 2016
Aside from just being able to track one's fitness or health levels, the October 2016 wearable tech innovations demonstrate a variety of potential applications for the future of wearables. Some of the most forward-thinking examples include voice-controlled systems, as well as ones that are able to harvest energy for the user while being worn.

While many people are working to create wearable technology pieces that are as small as possible, others are making full-on systems for the body. Examples of this include the SuperSuit for laser tag, as well as the MSI VR One Virtual Reality Backpack System, both of which are ideal for full-body play and game immersion.

'Onyx' is the name of a unique communication device that fuses the future of wearables with the functionality of walkie-talkies of the past, which is just one system that takes cleverly cues from the past.